The Real Cost of Amazon’s Bullying of Penguin: A Musing Quickie

I think my biggest problem lies with Amazon’s (latest) bullying attempt.  Once consumers/ readers get it in their heads that, not only ebooks, but hardcovers as well are only worth $9.99, an already fledgling industry will [quite possibly] become even more so.  Book sales overall could even go down, negating the influx we’ve seen as of late from eBooks.

Right now, Amazon ostensibly takes a loss on every book they sell at $9.99 because they initially buy them from the publisher for $13.00 – 14.00.  They are trying to do, in my opinion, what Apple did early on with iTunes and this trying to create an enormous install base of users (this time, think Kindle), upon which time they’ll likely jack the prices of eBooks back up once their competition (the iPad, Nook, and Co.) have been sufficiently stamped out–content-wise (Amazon saw Apple’s iPad as a serious enough threat to its Kindle to create an app for its competitor enabling it to read the Kindle’s eBooks).

Though for an historical example of exactly this type of scenario, just look at Apple’s iTunes and the amount of single songs that have now jumped to $1.29 from the $0.99 they ubiquitously once were, and consider that it might be an indicator of [again, possible] things to come …

Fortunately, at least one Publishing House gets it and has the right idea.  This video certainly gives hope to those of us who still want to earn our crust by putting words on pages: (Watch the whole thing from start to finish, it’s only 2:26 long; the pay off is well worth it!)
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