“The Instructions.” October 22nd. BUY this book!

New York Magazine‘s “20 Most Anticipated Books for the Fall” — pay close attention to #16, Adam Levin’s “The Instructions”; it’s going to kick exponentially large quantities of ass and not worry at all about taking names (though I could be biased do to its early comparisons to David Foster Wallace and my ineluctable Pavlovian response to the mere mention of DFW):

Need more buzz?  No problem!

The Rumpus[.net]

[a note from] McSweeney’s (who are also publishing the book):

Time Out Chicago:


Book People:

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2 thoughts on ““The Instructions.” October 22nd. BUY this book!

  1. ed says:

    I have about 250 pages left in “The Instructions”…..i have never read anything quite like it…..Wildly funny, intelligent, ambitious, entertaining and unique (and I could go on)……you really have to read it for yourself….books like this don’t come around very often….

    • joemowens says:

      Oh yeah, I totally plan on it! Levin’s short stories are truly fantastic; I mean they really resonate with me. His style is completely unique among just about everything I’ve read. Comparisons to great writers are good — really great, even — but, it’s almost a disservice to his own one-of-a-kind voice (in my opinion).

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