The Universe and Language, Creators and Cannibals

The universe cannibalizes itself, recycles itself.
Everything made from everything else.
Ashes to ashes...
Elements fit together like Legos to make everything,
different combinations.
A few molecules,
the only difference between plastic and margarine.

Similarities run amok, abound,
between physics and language.
Discourse alchemy:
As above so below
Letters combine to create words, phrases and sentences.
Construct, deconstruct and reassemble,
ad infinitum.

Words, ideas, elements and energy.
Recombined, redistributed — evolution.
Life evolves.
Language breathes.
An organic system of architecture,
assimilating one in-to the other.

Elements constitute the universe.
Words depict the elements, symbolically.
Assembled into different configurations;
Create representations, promote understanding.
Human beings, both part of and other than,
reveling in their affiliation and otherness, simultaneously.

Cognitively conflicted.

Dissonance ensues.

No new ideas truly materialize,
knowledge is only ever re-discovered, re-membered,
discoveries that always were and always will be — there.
We, human beings, perhaps,
use these words, use language, to identify,
to differentiate, to organize and to ostracize.

The ego.

Identify the inferior and the superior,
with affiliation the result.
Elitism is thus bred.
Words used in creation of the other,
determine and detract,
with a terrible and arbitrary swiftness.

Devaluation emerges in kind;
value, likewise.
Gold, silver, tin, rust;
Chemical and physical make-up,
assembled by the universe,
equally insignificant and precious,
unwavering equanimity.

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