How big is it REALLY?? Adam Levin’s ‘The Instructions’

With the release of Adam Levin’s new tome-sized debut novel, The Instructions, I wanted to compare it visually to the relative size of other longish books. However, one thing lead to another and…

Here, I compared it to some other long[ish] books…

…to Infinite Jest solo…

…to the Norton Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism

…to some Chicago Cutlery…

…to a sweet-ass sticker’d-up MacBook Pro…

…to a sleepy Greyhound…

…to a Playstation 3 and HD DVR cable box…

…to a fkn’ awesome Technics SL-1200 Turntable…

…to a 2008 Volvo C-30 [V.2]…

…to a burly snowblower and miscellaneous garage junk…

…and finally, to an ultra-pimptastic early 1990s GT BMX bicycle.

Needless to say, the book. is. HUGE! (and from the first ~50 pages I’ve read, it’s also fan-fucken-tastic!!)

In fact, Levin’s book is even tall enough to ride this ride:



And, click here for a story that maybe could have been written by Adam Levin if Adam Levin was less talented and was 29, living in Omaha, NE and was named Joseph M. Owens.

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11 thoughts on “How big is it REALLY?? Adam Levin’s ‘The Instructions’

  1. Hmm. Looks like someone has a Celebrity home.

  2. joemowens says:

    Ummm…. probably? I think so, but I’m not sure. What I really want is a cottage on an acreage, but that’s another story, ha!

    • That garage as well as the walls and windows look pretty familiar. Celebrity uses a lot of the same basic building materials in their houses. I had one for a year out in the Coyote Run subdivision before I left Omaha.

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  4. I picked this book up (as in hefted, not purchased) at a trade show this weekend. I remember thinking, who would commit to reading such a tome? I thumbed through a few pages thinking maybe they had pushed the text size and margins, but no: Those words are really squeezed in there. The audacity of one author to think anyone would commit so much time to reading a debut novel. Out of curiosity, I decided to read the first sentence to ascertain what kind of hook you have to have to lure a reader into such a monstrosity.

    I ended up reading three paragraphs before I could tear myself away. I must have looked at thousands of books that weekend and this is the one I can’t get out of my head.

    But perhaps I will wait for the paperback. Carrying it on the train is going to give me a back ache!

    • joemowens says:

      I’m even a slow reader and I’m about 430 pages into it. The book is just incredible; I mean Levin really knows how to keep the momentum moving forward. It’s smart and charming and, at the end of the day, simply fantastic!

    • I think the physical size is deceptive. It’s still only 1009 pages, right? Somewhere around there. I mean, that is big, but there are bigger books out there. “The Instructions” has a decent print size and whereas it isn’t fluffed, it still has a good spacing. It just has a physical size that outdoes other books with even higher page counts. I agree, though, perhaps a reader needs a sherpa to hold it open for them to avoid injury.

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    • Joe, since I was reading “The Instructions,” I thought it was time to play along on the photo comparison game, though I set out to show how the book isn’t really that big after all instead of how big it is.

  6. […] So I go and start doing my research. I found another blog, The Year of Difficult Reading, that is rather interesting in its own right and that got another picture of challenging (and significant) books. Or another that made fun at the hugeness of THE INSTRUCTIONS. […]

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