List Thursday: Steve McQueen’s (the dog’s, not Bullitt’s) Top 10 [+7] List

In celebration of my Weimaraner, Steve McQueen’s, third birthday (which basically makes him, what, 21?), I’m dedicating this List Thursday to him– and the books I think he’d read if he could.

1) Where the Red Fern Grows – Steve would think that, if you don’t like this book, you not only lack a heart, but a soul.
2) Timbuktu – Steve has good taste so he’d like Paul Auster too.
3) Sight Hound – Pam Houston nails the dog narrative.
4) The Art of Racing in the Rain – Because Steve will never be as fast as his greyhound brothers, rain or no.
5) Dogs of Babel – For Steve, this would be like a Stephen King novel, like IT.
6) Old Yeller – A tear jerker no matter your tail color.
7) Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know – Biology is cool!
8 ) Marly and Me – Steve can’t lie, he’s a real softy.
9) White Fang – Jack London is awesome and so is this book.
10) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel – Steve might think this is just about one of the best books featuring a dog ever.

And, the best of the rest:
11) A Dog’s Purpose
12) Now & Then
13) Lost & Found
14) Walking in Circles Before Lying Down
15) Nose Down, Eyes Up
16) From Baghdad, With Love
17) I Thought You Were Dead

**I’d also like to thank my beautiful wife, and Steve’s mom, Jennifer, for helping me think of a list topic for today. Thanks babe!!

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4 thoughts on “List Thursday: Steve McQueen’s (the dog’s, not Bullitt’s) Top 10 [+7] List

  1. Eric L says:

    Reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” was the best part of my 4th grade Literacy curriculum. One of my faves.

  2. […] Steve McQueen’s (the dog’s, not Bullitt’s) Top 10 [+7] List (or, books Joe believes one of his dogs would read if he could) […]

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