The Author and The Rumpus Go Together like Peas and Carrots

Mega apologies for my absence! I’ve been in Nebraska City getting schooled on the finer aspects of the writing craft, low-residency MFA style!– or something to that effect.

Fear not, however (providing you were in the first place)! I’ll be back with regular posts List Thursdays and all news literary- and publishing-related.

First order of business, check out the interview I did with Ralph Steadman on The Rumpus: This was written in a frantic frame of mind once I realized I spent four hours with the man and didn’t even bring a friggin’ tape recorder!

And lastly, for this semester, I’ll be working with the wonderful and lovely Amy Hassinger (of Nina Adolescence fame). It’s my last one at the University of Nebraska so I want to make it count. Thesis, put your party pants on because I came to dance!

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5 thoughts on “The Author and The Rumpus Go Together like Peas and Carrots

  1. Rory Feehan says:

    Hi Joe,

    Great interview. Very interested in this thesis of yours as I am currently doing a Ph.D. on Hunter. Have you finished the thesis yet? I’d love to read it.

    Also are you on

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Rory Feehan

    • joemowens says:

      Actually, the short answer is “almost”. The long answer is that I switched from an MA (in literature/journalism) to an MFA (in creative nonfiction/ literary journalism) and what was going to be a 50 page thesis turned into a 30 page critical paper. If you’d like, I can definitely send you what I wrote. I imagine your research is more extensive than mine, but the paper still turned out pretty good. Never heard of but I’ll definitely check it out!

      • Rory Feehan says:

        I’d love to read it. My own thesis is due to be finished this coming summer. 80,000 words roughly, Thompson has taken over my life hehe. You should definitely get on to connect with other gonzo scholars. I’ll post a link to my page there when I am on my laptop (on phone atm). I want to talk to you about Ralph too.

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