News regarding all things literary, tweeted

How do you bind a book with ten thousand pages? The University of Iowa Libraries just had to find out.

“Idle doodles by famous authors.”

Author Colson Whitehead introduces his new post apocalyptic novel on Twitter; pubs on 10/18:

Introducing FICTIONAUT SELECTS, an anthology of stories & poetry guest-edited by @JHammons. Free download:

“Happy with Crocodiles,” a shorty story by Jim Shepard!

Black Quill Award winners revealed. Read free samples of winning books–best horror stories of 2010:

Can We Not Talk About What We’re Working On Again, Please? –

What’s the problem with memoirs?

In search of two lost J.D. Salinger stories about Holden Caulfield’s family:

Twitter Google & SayNow help writers in #Egypt beat Internet shutdown; listen to Egyptian stories:

Harper’s publisher rejects $50K in Save Harper’s Magazine pledges & ‘give[s] no ground’ on layoffs:

Deb Olin Unferth wants to “dismiss the notion that the memoir is a lesser form”:

“Tell the story you’re terrified of getting wrong.”

Book Review Roundup: Marriage And Death

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