Tweeted literary news roundup 02/02/2011

Rumors swirl about impending Borders bankruptcy; WSJ sources predict 150-200 stores could close:

Houston Writers Guild Conference on May 7 has five literary agents taking pitches. Learn more:

A former Apple designer has launched a digital book making company called Push Pop Press.

“When a biographer loves his subject too much, a cautionary tale” /

Share your story at @smithmag‘s (Twitter) 6-word memoir story slam on Feb. 14th & join some great readers:

Vaccine controversy heated up on Colbert

From: How Should a Person Be?

“I think young writers ought to be heretical.” – Derek Walcott

Need an agent? Writer’s Digest’s agent kit is here to help with 3 books, 20 interviews, a query critique, 3 webinars and more!

The Poetry Foundation has published a helpful pamphlet titled “Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Poetry”:

The Strangeness of AWP: A Postmortem via Virginia Quarterly Review: (last year)

A “novel” way to read a novel via Huffington Post:

Check out the Tallahassee Book Festival & Writers Conference, March 18-20. Agents and editors in attendance:

2 thoughts on “Tweeted literary news roundup 02/02/2011

  1. […] Literary News in Twitter-land Posted on February 2, 2011 by Pam Parker Having trouble keeping up with the must reads that fly by in Twitter-land about the literary world? Joseph Owens has solved your problem with his “Tweeted literary news roundup 02/02/2010 (via Category Thirteen)”He got the year wrong in his title but we all know he meant 2011, so he’s forgiven — he’s done our work for us and we bow to his hard work. Thanks for the literary news recap, Joe! A selected few snippets from his post follow. For the full roundup, visit Joe’s site. […]

  2. Pam Parker says:

    I just reposted this at my blog – love it! Thanks!

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