Tweeted literary news roundup, 02/03/2011

More on book turmoil:–noble.html

Karen Russell on the Persistence of the Novelist

Broke? Tired of Joyce Carol Oates? Go to the Fake AWP!

Very good recs here: A Reading List for the Egypt Crisis

Laura Hillenbrand’s WWII book Unbroken topped the NYT’s first nonfiction E-Book Best Seller list

Looking at the Looker and the Lookie and Thinking About the Looking and the Looking –

Ben Yagoda reported on “a whole new strain of bad writing” for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Mark Twain’s autobiography is incoherent, in just the way that he thought good writing should be.

“I remember feeling a weird, uncanny sympathy with the cockatoo riding a bicycle.” Karen Russel on ‘Swamplandia!’ –

New blog posting, Ask the Author: Karen Munro –

Bloody horrors and serene beauty: On Sarah Bakewell’s NBCC-nominated How To Live

Petrushevskaya’s scary fairy tales published in Britain:

“Make Believe That You Got a Free Throw”: Red Auerbach on Writing –

“Fiction that creates a kind of truth.” — On Ismail Kadare’s The Three-Arched Bridge:

Eric Martin reviews Donald Rumsfeld’s book (without reading it):

Reports of Borders death “greatly exaggerated” –

Fan translates Russian Lord of the Rings rewrite, revealing bloody & unrecorded consequences:

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