OMG, is he back from the dead? In a word…


Apologies for being missing in action for like a bajillion-trillion days– though it only just seems like that; I hear I’ve been absent for like ~2 weeks. 11 days. 10 of those days I was almost certain I was awash in the swamp of the dead (for the dead are never awash in anything beautiful like valleys– regardless of what you may have heard– or meadows or even mountain springs. No, I was awash in the swamp of [near-]death).

So OK, now what? I’m back. Great. Well for starters, it means I’m reading an writing again. In theory. This is the first thing I’ve written and, consequently read, in the past 10 days so you’ll have to forgive me. It just feels great to be occupying a room other than my bedroom for a change.

And so then ANYway, in essence of stopping this whole shpiel/ramblage, take a look at what I’ve acquired via good ol’ US Postal Service over the last week!

All kinds of NEW! McSweeney's, New Yorker, Atlantic, New Millennium Writings, American Literary Review, and Jim Shepard's NEW collection of stories!



And a NEW iPhone 4 for Verizon

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