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“The New Thing” finally has an official title!

…and a (semi)sweet-ass plot synopsis to go with it! Here it is in a roughly sketched form, below:

HUMAN SERVICES is a novel about people. Flawed people. Damaged people. More specifically, it’s a novel about flawed and damaged people desperately trying to help other flawed and damaged people. Problems arise when the unnamed Midwestern state’s government decides to privatize its Department of Health and Human Services, giving lead contracts to large, out-of-state corporate entities.

Rumors of imminent bankruptcy now facing the Furlong & Associates Agency begin to run rampant. Human service workers begin jumping ship. Supervisors weigh employment options against an inevitable economic recession. Everyone involved with The Agency is on pins and needles.

The ultimate success or failure depends on the business savvy of the Furlong & Associates upper management and their employees coming together as a team—as a family, even—putting aside petty personal rivalries for the future survival of The Agency.

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Sometimes you should probably stay home

I was driving earlier. Maybe it was yesterday. I’m not really sure.

In any case, I was overly tired. Way too overly-tired…

I went to adjust the recline angle of my seat, which seemed innocuous enough. I sat forward and pulled the lever.

Nothing happened.

The lever might have stuck a little, or maybe I didn’t pull it hard enough. Either way, the seat did not budge.

So then, for the briefest, tiniest, most minute fraction of a second — i.e. just enough time for my heart to skip a beat and my adrenal gland to give me a shot in the chest — I was completely convinced that, rather than simply adjusting my driving recline angle, I’d actually just pulled my seat’s “EJECT!” lever.

No fucking joke. I seriously thought that — as sure as the sky is blue and the Sun is hot.

For a split second, I truly expected to be discharged violently through the roof of my car and then parachute back to terra firma.

I repeat: way too overly tired…

Sometimes you should probably just stay home. For real.

Owens Educational Services’ Annual Fundraiser, coming up!

This might perhaps be surprising to some, but this blog post will actually not be about me– not entirely anyway.

Owens Educational Services (OES), the non-profit side of the family biz. (The Owens Companies), is having its annual Diamonds in the Rough fundraiser, which has, traditionally, been pretty awesome!

Tickets are $45 in advance, $50 at the door, however, since OES is a non-profit company, $30 of that $45/$50 is tax-deductible. If you check out the link here (or above), you can read what OES is all about. But in a nutshell, this branch of The Owens Companies educationally provides independent living skills for state wards and at-risk youth, especially those in need of credits for graduation.

It’s a good cause, good food, good music and it’ll be, hopefully/ as usual, a great time! Tell everyone you know and head down to Miller’s Landing on September 2nd. See you there!!

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