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New at Specter Literary Magazine

Just wanted to quickly post a link to my latest column over at Specter Literary Magazine.

After this week, Specter is switching [back?] to a monthly format so my columns will appear a little less frequently, BUT they (i.e. my columns) should be longer and more thoughtful and stuff!

In case you’ve missed any, here’s a link to all of my columns at Specter so far!

In other news, I got to hang out in Bellevue today with Chad Christensen, Erin C. McCoy Arellano, Amy Plettner, Britt Sullivan, Aaron Stueve and the Hun Poets from Wayne State College at the bi-annual (that means twice it’s twice a year now!) Bellevue Public Schools “Creative Writing Day.” There were 29 students ranging from freshmen to seniors and they were absolutely stellar! There’s definitely going to be some good writers that come out of that bunch! Photos from the event should be posted online sometime soon and when they are, I’ll be sure too hook up Cat13 with some links!

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Me reading in a video and stuff

I’ve meant to post this for a while but that’s really no excuse for how long it’s taken me! This is me reading chapter 1 of my novel-in-progress, Human Services (with a truly fantastic introduction given by the wonderful and talented, Amy Hassinger). Enjoy!

Joseph Michael Owens reading “Contemptibly, A Hair” – Graduating MFA Residency from Joseph Owens on Vimeo.

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