Xmas and Shit | 12.27.11

(reposted from the Specter Collective)

Didn’t do too bad this Xmas; like mensah, I’m really glad to’ve simply survived it.

Got some books: 1Q84, THE ANGEL ESMERALDA and PULPHEAD: Essays. I actually got a VISA gift card, which I used to buy these books—except for the Steve Jobs biography, my wife bought me that one. And (again) with the exception of the S. Jobs biography, I decided to try something different and purchased the other 3 books as Google eBooks through the Indie Bound program, which means my favorite local bookstore (Bookworm—Omaha) gets a cut, which is also pretty kickass!

Amazon really pissed me off with their pre-Xmas Gestapo/guerrilla selling tactics, so I think I’m done buying books for my Kindle app. I submit that the Google and Indie Bound eReader apps are not quite as robust as the Kindle, Nook or iBooks apps, but they’re more than adequate, plus you also get a really nice little warm & fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting the little guys. Prices are now comparable too.

I also scored 3 Blu-rays that couldn’t be more different from one another: SUPER 8, NOVA’s THE FABRIC OF THE COSMOS and THE EXPERIMENT. I’ve been really interested to watch these so I’m going to get on it this week!

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