Good Timing Is Not My Forte: A 34 Day Recap

Punctuality and good timing are not the same thing. I’m fantastic at the former. But the latter? … Not so much.

For example: This is my first actual blog post in a month–a month in which my first book was published (Shenanigans!, Grey Sparrow Press, 2012) and another edition of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference came and went in Chicago. The word from Category Thirteen? Nothing.

Radio Silence.

To call my timing “bad” is perhaps an understatement.

However, all is not lost! The book is 100% available and in-stock, and can be purchased from Amazon for $9.99 by clicking here. Initial reviews and word of mouth feedback are good, so we’ll see how that trend holds up… ( :: drums fingers nervously :: )

My AWP 2012 experience can probably best be summed up as “minimalist.” By that I mean, I spent something approximating 90% of my time laid up in my hotel room with 7th-Level-of-Hell back pain. Which, i should mention, stemmed from tripping–and subsequently rolling my ankle–over a curb while walking to my hotel, before I even ventured to pick up my customary AWP registration swag(!!). The clumsy trip/stumble/ankle-roll maneuver was enough to *tweak* my back in such a way that carrying a heavy backpack over the next couple days would exacerbate the pain to the point of incapacitation.

In other words, instead of doing fun conference-y stuff, I spent almost 24 hours just laying in my hotel bed the day before I flew back to Omaha.

The upside is that, in the small amount of time I got to spend at AWP actually conferencing, I “met” a shitload of rad people! I put ‘met’ in quotes because they were people I’d spent a great deal of time chatting with on Twitter and Facebook, but had never met in real life (a phrase quickly losing its concrete meaning).

From Specter Magazine/The Specter Collective, I got to (finally) meet mensah demary, Libby Walkup, Molly Laich, and J. Bradley. From [PANK] Magazine, I met the truly wonderful Roxane Gay and her infamous partner in crime, xTx. From MudLuscious Press and The Lit Pub, I met J.A. Tyler and Molly Gaudry, respectively. I got to meet Mike Meginnis from Artifice Magazine (who might be the nicest guy ever and whose new feature EXITS ARE is totally friggin’ awesome!). I got to meet Alexander Chee (author of Edinburgh) and Leigh Stein (author of The Fall Back Plan), both of whom are brilliant and outstanding people!

I met Sam Pink (author of Person), who it turns out I actually already knew before in a previous career when we were both secret agents!

I also got to meet Christian TeBordo (author of The Awful Possibilities) and talk to Adam Levin (author of The Instructions, who I’ve actually met before) for a while. Which was as completely fucking awesome as you’d expect! And of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my former University of Nebraska MFA peeps I saw there: David Atkinson, Natasha Kessler, Stephanie Austin Gillingham, Natalia Trevino, burntdistrict‘s Liz Kay & Jen Lambert, Jenna Lucas, Richard Duggin, and Jim Peterson.

So of course there’s no way you could call my AWP ’12 experience a total wash. There was just a whole lot more I wanted to do and see!

(And one quick N.B.: If I forgot to mention anybody, I’m totally sorry! I’m trying to write this from memory being that I didn’t take any pictures…at all.)

Oh yeah, (please) keep an eye on my Tumblr, I’ve just started “Tumbling” (correct verb choice?) so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably dedicate it mostly to flash fiction and hilarious random errata.

I’ll keep this short(ish) and end here–well, after the next sentence, I mean. The bottom line is that, despite a little minor back injury, 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty kickass year; I hope to see more of you guys!


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