There Be Dragons! | 03.14.12

I’ve been busy!

Although AWP ’12 is now done and over with, I have more to do than ever, which is a good thing. “It’s better to be busy than bored,” etc. etc.

Work on my novel has picked back up. I’d taken a small hiatus away from it while prepping materials for AWP and finishing a couple freelance editing gigs. The ultimate success of the latter two items was really hit or miss. It might be March, but a resolution I’m setting for myself is to be more clear with my communications with others. In trying to please everyone with too much flexibility, something invariably gets lost in translation. I wrote that down so I’d remember it.

I’ve been reading some great books lately. Two of the best have been Adam Levin’s Hot Pink (my review of Levin’s book goes live on [PANK] March 20th) and Leigh Stein’s The Fallback Plan. It would certainly behoove you to read these two books at your nearest convenience. Or cancel other plans to read them. You’ll thank me later.

Tumblr is fun!

If you haven’t checked out Mike Meginnis’s simulated text adventure series EXITS ARE over at Artifice Books, you should do so ASAP! And don’t forget to congratulate Mike for having a story accepted for next year’s Best American Short Stories (BASS) anthology while your at it!!

Speaking of next year’s BASS anthology, I’d also like to congratulate Roxane Gay (who I’ve — not even secretly — got a huge literary crush on) for having a story accepted as well — this is truly BIG news for the small indie presses!!

And speaking of Roxane, it’s no secret she’s really into The Hunger Games (scroll down). “Really into” is perhaps a complete understatement. Because of Roxane’s wholly infectious enthusiasm, I was this < > close to starting the postapocalyptic trilogy myself. I’d even bought all three books and everything. That’s something i do with books, by the way — if it’s a series, I’ll buy all of them at once to A) have them all because I might possibly be a hoarder-in-the-making, and because B) I like to be prepared for the off-chance a stranger approaches me on the street and gives me a drug that turn me into a super-genius (like what happened to Bradley Cooper in Limitless), in which case I could read all of them back-to-back in a sitting or two.

But something happened…

Game. Of. Thrones.

I discovered that the fervor Roxane feels for The Hunger Games, I feel for Game Of Thrones (so many good books with “Game[s]” in their titles!).

Yes, I know the first book was released in 1996, but I was introduced to the series via the live-action drama on HBO. I’m late to the party. Sue me. In roughly one 24 hour period, I watched all ten episodes of season one. When it was over, I felt sad and gloomy. After my binge, I wasn’t ready for it to end. My solace was knowing season two starts April 1st. But i couldn’t wait that long, so I went out and bought the books (except for the newest one; it’s still an expensive hardcover). Pacing myself has been difficult. Ideally, I’d take a sabbatical from life and just read the remaining books, one after another.

Where The Hungers Games is postapocalyptic (YA) fiction, Game Of Thrones is adult high fantasy. [N.B. I only mention genre because I really like both.] Typically, I’ve been more of a fan of “the classics” in each genre such as 1984, We, and Brave New World for the former, and any/everything by Tolkien for for latter (countless movies, notwithstanding). However, I presently must be more in the mood for warring kingdoms, knights, magic, and dragons since I’ve been unable to stop thinking about Game Of Thrones.

It likely also has something to do with the fact that I’ve been playing a veritable shitload of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on my Playstation 3 lately. In fact, I’m currently working on an essay focusing primarily on the similarities between Skyrim and Game Of Thrones for InDigest in between blog posts and “paying-the-bills” work.

Because I am a worrier, my first though after the credits rolled on episode 10 was: “OMG! What will happen next?! What if they aren’t able to film all of the books for one reason or another?! How can I possibly hope to convey my anxiety without using multiple interrobangs?!”

Because it seems impossible for this show not to sink its hooks into most viewers the way it did to me. Shit is captivating yo! When the show opens up north of The Wall and you see the Others/White Walkers for the first time? Intense. When Bran Stark climbed the castle tower and saw the Ser Jamie Lannister nailing the Queen, Cersei (who is King Robert Baratheon’s wife, not to mention — ZOMG — Jamie’s own f**king sister!), you knew something bad was going to happen. (Which it did, Jamie shoved Bran from the tower’s window, which was, from what I could tell, pretty damn high up. When King Robert asks Bran’s father, Robert’s longtime friend, Eddard “Ned” Stark to leave his home in Winterfell to become the “Hand of the King” far to the south in King’s Landing, you immediately wonder how it’s going to play out (since the Queen is having coital relations with her brother, who also happens to be the guy who shoved Ned Stark’s son from a very high tower).

There are just so many combustible elements in such an ostensibly tiny space!

I submit that Game Of Thrones is incredibly testosterone-fueled, and some of the gratuitous violence and nudity may not appeal to everyone. But they appeal to me, and if that stuff doesn’t put you off, then you’ll probably like it too. A lot.

Now I just need to finish A Clash of Kings (i.e. book 2) before season two starts on HBO!


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4 thoughts on “There Be Dragons! | 03.14.12

  1. Roxane says:

    Hunger Games. Get on board, asap, plz.

    • joemowens says:

      Haha! I promise!! I’m like 3/4 done with ‘A Clash of Kings,’ so ‘Hunger Games’ won’t be far behind. I’m going to (try to) space out the ‘Game Of Thrones’ books so they aren’t over so quickly!

  2. I need to get on the Hunger Games bandwagon too. Seems like if you like Game of Thrones you’ll get behind Hunger Games. But season 2 starts so soon….

  3. Tieryas says:

    Game of Thrones = Awesome
    Now I got to read Hunger Games too!

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