Your reckoning is begun.

A process you set in motion,
Your hubris the catalyst,
Your disingenuous and ill-conceived notion of your selves
Shattered into innumerable, infinitesimal shards.
Your fabricated world will dissolve from the inside out.


Am your Omega.

I alone will be your undoing,

For I am methodical and relentless.

In the wake of your extirpation,
There will be nothing left —
Nothing of your simulated selves will remain to cling to,
Of the simulated universe in which you both blithely and ignorantly live.

When I am done,
You will only be who you really are,
Stripped of your pretensions and lies,
No longer in awe of your make-believe omnipotence,
Existing hence in the world where those you’ve oppressed live,
Where those you’ve shamed and those you’ve spurned live.

It is there you will remain,

But you will be broken.

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