Tick-tock… New things are coming up…

AWP 2013 starts this week, so expect some news/updates from Boston.

Oddly enough, as far as panels etc. go, the event I’m looking forward to most is a reading by the venerable Samuel R. Delaney.

I could try to explain why, but I think Tammy Sayler does a really good job on her blog: “Literary fiction or science fiction? Top 5 Inspirations For Why I Write Science Fiction

Lots of other new writing/literary things are on the horizon as well, my friends. Lots.

For now, enjoy The Clock of the Long Now.

Stay tuned!

Long Now Clock

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2 thoughts on “Tick-tock… New things are coming up…

  1. Tammy Salyer says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Joseph! Have a great time at AWP (looking it up now). Writing conferences are amazing for psychic rejuvenation and inspiration.

    • joemowens says:

      No problem at all! I was/am writing a column for InDigest Magazine that sort of deals a lot with blurring the lines between literary and genre fiction; making use of lots of science and explaining it via fun literary chicanery and devices. (Here are the links if you’re at all curious! http://goo.gl/rk7Gc)
      It’s just more liberating (permitting the term) to write with no constraints. After so long, we feel like there are certain ways we have to write and certain rules we must observe, but ultimately, that only serves to stifle creativity. Once you remove both externally- and self-imposed barriers, the writing — the work — starts to shine!

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