peterbd says I am the G.o.a.T. — How could I not repost this?

Random things are random (obvi.), but they’re also often awesome. Tonight I got a random email from the elusive peterbd and it managed to redefine the term “awesomeness.”

There were/are “lols” aplenty!

20. joe is greater at creating electronic music than most people.

19. joe is better at creating electronic music than this guy:!/image/image.png_gen/derivatives/landscape_411/image.png

18. joe became the g.o.a.t without selling out and moving to new york

17. joe michael owens > terrell owens and his relatives

16. joe’s writing can be found in multiple places and none of it sucks because it’s impossible for joe to write anything shitty as evidenced by his non shitty writing resume

15. joe is the only man on earth that could wear overalls and still look smooth

14. if you type ‘joe michael owens’ into netflix, a documentary titled g.o.a.t: the true story of joseph michael owens will be your only result. this is an unofficial documentary that chronicles joe’s life as a young prodigy on his way to being the g.o.a.t. interviews include his friends, family, and those who witnessed his incredible rise to fame. the documentary currently has 4 1/2 stars on netflix. it was directed by steven spielberg

13. joe wrote ‘we always trust each other, except for when we don’t’ which didn’t win a pulitzer prize, but when you’re as good a writer as joe and you wrote the awesomeness that is ‘we always trust each other, except for when we don’t’ you don’t need no goddamn pulitzer prize to validate your genius

12. joe dated beyonce in 1998 when beyonce was unaware of jay z’s existence

11. if you tell joe how great he is, he will remain humble even though he should nod and agree with you

10. the thing about joe is that he’s a better dancer than everyone

9. remember that time when a meteor was going to destroy earth and we were all in a panic and we thought we would all perish if the meteor was not destroyed? of course you don’t remember that because you weren’t aware that joe redirected the meteor before anyone on earth had the chance to realize that a meteor was about to destroy earth. also, smdh if you didn’t know that j.m.o is superman

8. joe is a nice guy as well as the kind of guy that won’t bore you in conversation

7. it is impossible for joe to be boring. if you’ve read anything by him then you already know this as fact

6. ll cool j once met joe and said ‘honor to meet you g.o.a.t’

5. there’s a soda pop named after him. it’s called ‘joe michael owens is the g.o.a.t and if you don’t believe this inherent truth than someone as simple minded and arid as you should not be drinking this soda pop’

4. joe is the only known living targaryen on earth

3. joe has ten dragons which means he is the father of dragons which means you shouldn’t fuck with him or, like sisqo, he’ll unleash his dragons

2. meeting joe will change your life. count yourself lucky if you’ve had the chance to do this

1. joe wrote shenanigans! which is superior to most literature that has been released since ever. if you haven’t read this piece of literary greatness yet then one of joe’s dragons is on it’s way

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One thought on “peterbd says I am the G.o.a.T. — How could I not repost this?

  1. […] you guys know Joseph Michael Owens? I loved his debut collection, Shenanigans and have interacted with him online countless times as […]

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