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The Fall – Print Issue #4, 2010 of Grey Sparrow Journal available for pre-order!

The Fall, Print Issue #4 2010 of Grey Sparrow Journal is now available for pre-order! [Available 10/1/10]
I’m especially excited about this issue because it’s home to my very first published short story, “We Always Trust Each Other, Except for When We Don’t“. The Fall issue also features work by Pulitzer Prize-winning, Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky.  Be sure to tell your friends!

Also, I’ve just finished a new short story that’s going through a little editing that I’ll be posting up here as soon as that’s through.
Keep your eyes peeled for the finished, revised version of “The Black Hole Cometh for Thee,” it should be up later tonight or early tomorrow a.m.

And finally, I’d like to extend one very LONG overdue shout-out to my buddy, Enrique Gonzalez, from Chicago, for his ultra-pimptastic mix “Honey Smacks” — everyone should really check this out, like, ASAP!: http://soundcloud.com/enriquegonzalez/honey-smacks

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“The Instructions.” October 22nd. BUY this book!

New York Magazine‘s “20 Most Anticipated Books for the Fall” — pay close attention to #16, Adam Levin’s “The Instructions”; it’s going to kick exponentially large quantities of ass and not worry at all about taking names (though I could be biased do to its early comparisons to David Foster Wallace and my ineluctable Pavlovian response to the mere mention of DFW):

Need more buzz?  No problem!

The Rumpus[.net]

[a note from] McSweeney’s (who are also publishing the book):

Time Out Chicago:


Book People:

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