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New Stuff On the Web!

It goes without saying that things have been pretty busy lately, and by that I mean life, in general.

The good news is that there are some new Shenanigans!-related items on the web available for your personal perusal!

First, the lovely J.E. Reich from Art Faccia was kind enough to interview me (hooray!!). And honestly, my only real goal was to not make a complete ass of myself — the jury is still out as to whether or not I succeeded there.

I also got to participate in (recently-announced) Best American Short Stories author, Mike Meginnis’s interactive literary text-based role-playing feature, “Exits Are” over at the Artifice Books‘ site! Click here to read “I Was a Dead Red-Shirted Ensign“. It was awesome!

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The Author and The Rumpus, together again!

It looks like your author and TheRumpus.net will be in bed together again, er, wait, I mean—

Keep an eye out for my review of Ben Percy’s debut novel, The Wilding in The Rumpus’s Last Book I Loved section, as well as an excerpt from the extended version of my pseudo-interview/ reportage piece, “An Afternoon With Ralph Steadman.” Both should be appearing soon!

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