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A Batch of S[h]elfies: Part 1: The Basement

I was talking to Mike Meginnis the other day on Twitter and he made a most excellent point:

@mikemeginnis: Books are fun to show off because they’re relatively cheap — owning a bunch is much more a question of taste + time than money.

It’s no secret I’m loathe to take selfies, but shelfies, on the other hand, are a completely separate ballgame! In no particular order, here are some of my favorite shelves from my home library:


Mike’s book, front and center here; I figured I’d post this picture of my basement mantle first since Mike gave me the idea! He’s [temporarily, at least] near J.G. Ballard’s Empire of the Sun and Chandler’s The Big Sleep, a few books by Roger Zelazny, and some spy novels by John Le Carre, book-ended by Peter F. Hamilton, Monica Drake, and Zadie Smith (a dual-language copy of Rilke’s Dueno Elegies is in there, too. It’s very slim!)!


This is the other shelf with Ballard. Empire of the Sun is a shorter paperback, so it looks funny on this shelf near these taller hardcovers like Alissa Nutting, The Rumpus Women, Joe Hill, Lev Grossman, and a few Gonzo Journalism books!

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List Thursday returns this week, December 2nd!

List Thursday returns this week with my picks for Top 10 Best Literary Journals with a twist: it doesn’t feature The New Yorker or The Paris Review, despite their obvious merit.  OK, actually it’s because I wanted to select 10 literary rags that weren’t The New Yorker or The Paris Review because, at least in my opinion, both of those magazines are very good, despite the negative juju tossed at them from the ever-infernal hype machine.

Anywhoozle, the list is coming and there are some familiar faces and perhaps some unexpected ones, hopefully some unexpected ones. Stay tuned!

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