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A sort-of-excerpt from “The New Thing”

“Brick and mortar” is perhaps not the best way to describe the actual building that serves as HQ for the Furlong & Company’s[1] offices. The building itself is ostensibly a large aluminum cuboid structure with very only a few windows peppered across its four rectangular sides. The front side, which faces west, is adorned with blue awnings that display the company’s name—FURLONG AND COMPANY—in a white sans serif’d font in all caps, nondescript. The aluminum building’s roof is pancake-flat, which proves problematic to clear after heavy Nebraska snows.

However, the aluminum siding on all four sides, despite being mostly low maintenance, prove to be the building’s most problematic structural feature as it wreaks all kinds of wireless havoc on cellular signals within the building itself, a circumstance most of The Agency’s employees are forced to grapple with on a daily basis. E.g. when someone’s phone rings, coworkers watch on as that person hurriedly makes a bee-line for an exterior wall—preferably one with one of The Agency’s few windows—in hopes of reclaiming a lost bar or two of signal strength, only then to flusteredly inform their caller that the call is cutting out and they’ll (i.e. The Agency employee will) have to call the caller back from an interior office landline, which, while dramatically improving audible conversation quality and ease, can also completely irk a cellular-only client if they are low on minutes for the month. Various avenues have been explored to improve cellular usability within The Agency’s HQ, but the Furlong and Company’s building simply remains a solutionless vortex of cellular unreliability.

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