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The Author and The Rumpus, together again!

It looks like your author and TheRumpus.net will be in bed together again, er, wait, I mean—

Keep an eye out for my review of Ben Percy’s debut novel, The Wilding in The Rumpus’s Last Book I Loved section, as well as an excerpt from the extended version of my pseudo-interview/ reportage piece, “An Afternoon With Ralph Steadman.” Both should be appearing soon!

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Holy crap– two days, two accepted pieces for publication!! The author is both excited and humbled.

As if getting a book review I wrote published on TheRumpus.net wasn’t enough…

Today I was notified that The Houston Literary Review is going to publish one of my favorite stories I’ve written, of which I’ve given three different titles:
Nunchucks! …and Voyeurism” OR Ninjas! …in the Suburbs?” OR, the latest idea, “Damage Control”.

This is of course very cool news. Stay tuned for more!

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The Author (me) + Featured on TheRumpus.net (awesome) = big w00t!!

I am very excited to announce that my review of Adam Levin’s debut novel, The Instructions, is now on TheRumpus.net for their “Last Novel I Loved” feature section.  A very exciting day, indeedy!

Click here for the jump!

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“The Instructions.” October 22nd. BUY this book!

New York Magazine‘s “20 Most Anticipated Books for the Fall” — pay close attention to #16, Adam Levin’s “The Instructions”; it’s going to kick exponentially large quantities of ass and not worry at all about taking names (though I could be biased do to its early comparisons to David Foster Wallace and my ineluctable Pavlovian response to the mere mention of DFW):

Need more buzz?  No problem!

The Rumpus[.net]

[a note from] McSweeney’s (who are also publishing the book):

Time Out Chicago:


Book People:

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